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Kalish Method

Functional Medicine practitioner, Dr. Daniel Kalish is highly skilled with more than 15 years experience in the field. Having worked with several thousand patients over the years, Dr. Kalish has developed a remarkably effective systemic approach to Functional Medicine practice.

Dr. Bennett has been certified as a Kalish Method practitioner, having completed a rigorous year-long training program with Dr. Kalish himeslf. Dr. Bennett used the Kalish Method as his primary approach to Functional Medicine because of its repeatable results.

The Kalish method focuses primarily on three body systems:

  1. The adrenal/endocrine system
  2. The gastrointestinal or digestive system
  3. The detoxification and metabolic system

One of the most interesting areas currently has to do with testing and assisting with removal of h. pylori from the stomach and intestinal system. Because of the relationship between h. pylori and an increased risk for the development of stomach cancer, it is vitaly important to test for this bacteria and take appropriate measures to help the body rid itself of the infection.

There are predictable patterns of development of imbalance in these systems and common patient symptoms that correlate with these imbalances. Using Kalish Method protocols, patients can be assured of outstanding improvements in there health and wellness.